Advance Google Ads Course

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About Course

What Will I Learn?

  • Ad and manager account creation
  • Funnel
  • Google Search Ads
  • Google Display Ads
  • Google Shopping Ads
  • Google App Ads
  • Performance Max
  • Strategy for Google ads for high conversion

Target Audience

  • Business Owner
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Students
  • Job Holder

Topics for this course

112 Lessons


How to take course00:10:00
Course Structure00:10:00
Google Ad Account00:10:00
Google Ad Manager Account00:10:00
Google Ad Structure00:10:00
Requirement for Google Ads00:10:00
Funnel -0100:10:00
Funnel -0200:00:00
Funnel -0300:00:00
LP – 0100:00:00
LP – 0200:00:00
LP- 0300:00:00
Ad types00:10:00
Buyer’s Perosona00:20:00
Search Ad introduction00:10:00
Best use of search ads00:10:00
Startegy for Google Ads00:10:00
Google Ads Tracking -GA & GTM00:10:00
Google Ads Tracking -Google Ads00:10:00
Keywords – 0100:10:00
Keywords – 0200:00:00
Keyword Match Types00:10:00
Negative Keywords00:10:00
Networks / Locations00:10:00
Language Settings00:10:00
Ads Scheduling / Rotations00:10:00
Bidding Options00:10:00
Make Basic Search Ads00:10:00
Correction Options00:10:00
Ads Extensions00:10:00
Bid Adjustment00:10:00
Checklist/templates for Ads00:10:00
Example: Make Search Ads-School Admission00:10:00
Ad Extension/Negative Keywords/ Bid Modifier00:10:00
Tracking Templates00:10:00
Bulk Actions00:10:00
Display Ads -0100:10:00
Display Ads -0200:10:00
Display Ads -0300:00:00
Display Ads -0400:00:00
Display Ads -0500:10:00
Make display Ads-Banners00:10:00
Display Ads-responsive Ads00:10:00
Display Ads-remarketing00:10:00
Youtube Ads Introduction00:10:00
Audience Trageting in Youtube Ads00:10:00
Startegies for youtube Ads00:10:00
Instream Ads00:10:00
Video Discovery Ads00:10:00
Video Ads- Based on placement00:10:00
Other youtube ads00:10:00
Youtube Ads remarketing00:10:00
Youtube- Ads Sequence00:10:00
Google Tagging-GA00:10:00
Google Tagging-Thru Ads00:10:00
Call only Ads00:10:00
Gmail Ads00:10:00
Auction Insights00:10:00
Keyword & Search terms00:10:00
Change History-Account Access00:10:00
UTM Builders00:10:00
Dynamic Search Ads00:10:00
Keyword Insertion00:10:00
Lead Form Extension00:10:00
Smart Campaign00:10:00
App Campaign -0100:10:00
App Campaign -0200:10:00
Shopping Ads00:10:00
Requirement for shopping ads00:10:00
Google Merchant Centre00:10:00
Product Feed00:10:00
Product Category00:10:00
Link Google Ad Account00:10:00
Dynamic remarketing00:10:00
Enhanced E-Commerce Setup00:10:00
Make Shopping Ads00:10:00
Conversion Tracking -through GTM00:10:00
Fix CPC product wise00:10:00
Smart Shopping Campaign00:10:00
Performance improve of shopping campaign00:10:00
Shared Budget00:10:00
RLSA (Remarketing List in Search Ads)00:10:00
Dynamic Ads00:10:00
Similar Audiences00:10:00
KPIs in Search Ads00:10:00
KPIs in Videos/Youtube/Display/Shopping00:10:00
Reports – 0100:10:00
Reports – 0200:10:00
Strategy for E-commerce00:10:00
Attribution Model00:10:00
Ad Strategy -0100:10:00
Ad Strategy -0200:10:00
Ad Strategy -0300:10:00
Ad Strategy -0400:10:00
What to do if campaign fails00:10:00
3 tools for compititor research00:10:00
Websites Reviews00:10:00
AB testing00:10:00
Ad Approval00:10:00
Compititor Analysis00:10:00
Planning in Long Term00:10:00
Customer List Audience00:10:00
Thank You00:10:00

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