Advance Facebook/Instagram Ads Certification Course

  • Course level: Expert
  • Last Update November 18, 2022

Topics for this course

107 Lessons


How to Take Course00:10:00
Course Structure00:10:00
Why Facebook Ads00:10:00
Requirement for Facebook ads00:10:00
Successful Facebook Ads00:00:00
Facebook Page00:00:00
Ad Copy00:10:00
Product Category and Strategies00:10:00
Requirement for Facebook ads00:10:00
Pages-Ad Account-Payment Methods00:20:00
What digital marketer do mistake in Facebook ads in Nepal00:20:00
Mis-understanding of Facebook Ads in Nepal00:15:00
Ad types00:10:00
IOS -14 Update00:10:00
Domain Verification00:10:00
Facebook Ads Auction00:10:00
Facebook Ads Structure00:10:00
Facebook Ads Format00:10:00
Design with Canva00:10:00
Bayer’s Persona00:10:00
Make Basic Facebook Ads00:10:00
Landing Page – 0100:10:00
Landing Page – 0200:10:00
Landing Page – 0300:00:00
Audience Types00:10:00
Audience based on -Demographic/ Behaviour00:10:00
Audience Research-Interest based00:10:00
Other methods finding interest00:10:00
Facebook Pixel -0100:10:00
Facebook Pixel -0200:00:00
Facebook Pixel -0300:10:00
Product Feed00:10:00
Custom Audience00:10:00
Strategy For Service Based Business00:10:00
Strategies for E-Commerce Business00:10:00
Custom Audience – 0100:10:00
Custom Audience – 0200:00:10
Custom Audience – 0300:00:00
Custom Audience – 0400:00:00
Looklike Audience00:10:00
Marketing Budget00:10:00
A/B testing00:10:00
Advantage campaign budget00:10:00
Conversion Window00:10:00
UTM Parameters00:10:00
Awareness Ads00:00:00
Multiple Adsets & Ads00:10:00
Compititor Strategy00:10:00
Traffic Ads – 0100:10:00
Traffic Ads – 0200:00:00
Engagement Ads-0100:00:00
Engagement Ads-0200:00:00
Instant Expereince Ads00:10:00
Lead Ads-0100:10:00
Lead Ads-0200:10:00
App Promotion Ads -0100:10:00
App Promotion Ads -0200:10:00
Sales Ads-0100:10:00
Sales Ads-0200:00:00
Sales Ads-0300:00:00
Sales Ads-0400:10:00
Sales Ads-0500:10:00
Collection Ad00:25:00
Scaling Facebook Ads with automated rules00:10:00
Advance Strategy while Scaling Campaign00:10:00
Product Catalogue00:10:00
Button Click00:10:00
Dynamic Creative00:10:00
Advantage campaign budget Ads00:10:00
Split Test00:10:00
Landing Page/Thank you page00:00:00
Remarketing Ads00:10:00
E-Commerce Remarketing Ads- 0100:00:00
E-Commerce Remarketing Ads- 0200:00:00
Facebook Ads Policies00:10:00
Reporting – 0100:10:00
Reporting – 0200:10:00
Ad Analysis00:10:00
Checklist for Facebook Ads00:10:00
Ads for Pre-school00:10:00
E-Commerce Ads -0100:10:00
E-Commerce Ads -0200:10:00
Ads for Real States – 0100:10:00
Ads for Real States – 0200:10:00
Competitor Research – 0100:10:00
Competitor Research – 0200:10:00
Carpet Bombing00:10:00
Business Growth00:10:00
Affiliate Marketing00:10:00
Scaling of Facebook Ads00:10:00
Other Targeting Options00:10:00
Interior Design Business00:10:00
Travel & Tour Business00:10:00
Example of Campaigns for lead generation00:10:00
Why Facebook Fails00:10:00
Content Strategy00:10:00
Creative in FB ads00:10:00
Conversion rate optimization00:10:00
Thank You00:10:00
NPR 2,499.00